Mr. A.V.N. REDDY, completed his post graduation in Chemistry and worked as Lecturer and Principal in various government colleges from 1975.

His quest to provide quality education and promote moral values amongst the younger generation then inspired him to resign from government service and established Dilsukhnagar Public Schools in Hyderabad, in the year 1985. Sheer grit and incessant hard work has spawned no less than four branches, efficiently catering to 12,000 students and ably guided by 750 teachers whose efforts have placed the school amongst the top ten in the twin cities.

Our Journey



Mr. A.V.N. Reddy (Chairman)

Mr. A.V.N. REDDY, completed his post graduation in Chemistry and worked as Lecturer and Principal in various government colleges from 1975.

Mr. A. Naveen Reddy (Director)

Mr. A. Naveen Reddy, the elder son has taken up his father's mantle, and shares his father's penchant for quality education. With his managerial skills and acumen DPS has been taking giant leaps in terms of its achievements.

Mr. A. Pavan Reddy (Director)

Mr. A. Pavan Reddy, the younger son, credited with international exposure adds to the futuristic vision of DPS while still coming from the same school of thought as his father and brother.

Primary School

International Standard Curriculum

Academic Programme

This Curriculum seamlessly integrated experiences across four domains of development, Physical, Cognitive, Language and communication and Socio-emotional. The child is able to

  • Develop a positive self image
  • Become independent
  • Develop creative thinking
  • Faster a sense of trust
  • Develop Physical, intellectual, emotional & social skills
  • State-of -the-art attributes in a think rooms


Oxford Advantage is an integrated learning solution with a comprehensive suite of educational materials and services. This programme is designed for Primary and Pre-Primary classes. The programme follows blended learning approach with print and digital resources. The digital platform consists of e-Books, learning resources, lesson plans and assessments which can be used for online classes and regular classroom as well. The digital platform can be accessed anytime anywhere through browser and mobile apps for students, teachers and parents. Teachers can send the resources, assignments and worksheets to the students through online platform and the same can be answered by the students. Teachers will be supported with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program and implementation support visits through online and offline mode. Teachers and the School Management can track the learning reports and usage reports through our comprehensive reports section.

Tata Class Edge

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Professional development of teachers is an ongoing programme at our school. The avent-grade CPD modules are designed to raise the teaching practices to be on par with global standards.

The transformation Report

The transformation report extensively shows us how our school has progressed and enables the management to raise the standards every term.


All our campuses house a Library providing academic resources to students, teachers and administrative staff. The library strives to make resources readily accessible when needed to enhance and promote the total growth and development of our students. Our students are taught how to make use of various resources of information at their disposal thus, imbibing in them the zeal to become lifelong learners.

Class Rooms

Rote learning is a thing of the past. Modern student is not content with abstract explanations and memorizing chunks of text anymore. Our classrooms are thus, equipped with Smart class solutions.

Our Smart classrooms are further embellished with LED projectors to breathe new life into the syllabus learnt while also bridging the gap between our teachers and students.

What’s more? These Audio-Video concepts are teacher led, thus allowing them to make use of traditional aids if required.


All our campus are furnished with fully equipped state-of-the-art science laboratories that enable students to learn and understand science hands-on thus, etching every A intricate concept into their minds. Every year we furnish our labs with the latest instruments, specimens, charts and apparatus.

The Holistic

Physical activities and sports encourage the holistic development of a child, help children build their character; develop leadership qualities; a sense of altruism and most importantly play a pivotal role in the development of life skills. At all our campuses we provide our students with a plethora of sports-both indoors and out door.

Literary and Cultural activities not only allow students to get involved in diverse fields but, will also teach them the importance of time management, commitment, contribution and relationships; most of all one develops self-esteem and team spirit.

Matriculation Rate

Our Branches


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